Live Streaming

We offer a large variety of live stream options from simple single camera hosted streaming, to more complex live production streaming with multiple camera angles. We are available for all events including Weddings, Funerals, Sports, Graduations, Private Events, Corporate Events, and more. We are based in St. Louis and have listed below our local rates. We are for hire outside of the area. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Single Camera

We offer a simplistic single camera source video stream on a hosted website. This is our cheapest option but still carries 1080p quality. Generally this is a fixed point camera with no camera movement.

Packages starting at $749.00*

Multi Camera

Slightly higher price but vastly superior service in every way. Generally this is at least two cameras but can have as many four cameras on the feed. We include an additional staff member on site for live production switching between cameras to give a broadcast quality stream. Graphics and overlays over the video stream are an additional option to consider.

Packages starting at $1249.00*

Full Production

Four camera production with a camera operator, live production switcher, and additional operation tech. This package includes all the a la carte options of the multi camera option with the addition of a high end professional production level camera with operator, AND external microphones for high fidelity sound. This option also allows for multiple streams at the same time to separate hosts.

Packages starting at $1999.00

Every streaming package commits $100.00 to a local charity supporting those effected by Covid-19 in the St. Louis Community.

*Pricing quoted above is standard pricing. Surge pricing does apply on peak event dates such as certain Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year. Other factors such as time, location, access to unencumbered fast internet & adequate power may affect the quote.

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