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Our team comes from varied backgrounds, and have varying skill sets. The common thread between them all is event experience. Our core management group alone has overseen over 7500 weddings and events since 2012.

Our team operates KMH Event Group, LLC which oversees several businesses here in St. Louis including Weddingly Events, and PPE Events.

Weddingly Events offers full service planning, event management, coordination, planning, and officiating services. More information HERE.

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Joshua Ryan Horn

Man of many tall tales including one of his height. A mountainous man at over 6′ 5″ tall he has risen above adversity to be the fearless leader of this witty crew. When he is not acting in the capacity of serial entrepreneur, chief everything officer, or scrubbing the office toilets he can be found out next to a cold stream trout fishing or at Rocketship park in Maplewood with some of his five children. Because let’s be honest, he can’t handle all of them at the same time.

Manny Alberto De Armas

You may ask why the middle name? Well my new friend it is because you need context. Manny’s initials are M.A.D. and he was born from Cuban lineage. In his youth Manny had quite the attitude and was aptly nicknamed the MAD Cuban. Don’t worry though – the MAD Cuban has simmered with old age and is often called upon to walk senior citizens across the road or to emcee a bingo night. Part of the greatest of the technology generations – Gen Z (zoomers), Manny was born ready for the live streaming lifestyle.

Kristen Marie Horn

The OG and the one that everything is named for at the top level – KMH Event Group. Kristen loves to collect Loungefly mini bookbags and pushed Josh to make this company ultra successful so she would have a stream of income to feed her mini bag addicition. When she is not working (or buying Loungefly bags) she loves to spend all of her time either at Disney World or on one of the 236 Disney World Facebook groups she has joined. Rest assured she vows to move to Florida one day so that she is closer to her “Home.”

P.S. I (Josh) was informed after Kristen reviewed her bio that loungeflys are referred to as backpacks NOT bookbags but she still loves me as her husband!

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