5 Things to know BEFORE you hire a Wedding Photographer (and our view on it all)

1. Style
Not all photographers are the same, and styles differ widely. The most well known styles include traditional and photo journalistic. If you prefer more posed photography similar to portrait than Traditional is the way you should lean. If you prefer more off the cuff moments that are not posed, more in the moment shots, and “real” & intimate moments then photo journalistic should be where you look.

2. Hunger Strikes
Most wedding photographers are with you on your wedding day for 8 to 10 hours. Have you ever worked a 10 hour shift without stopping to eat? It can be tough but we are resilient. We operate best on a full stomach so when meal planning during your big day don’t forget to include your photographer (and videographer!) in those plans. Your pictures depend on it!

3. Put In A Box
Packages based around timing are sometimes unwieldy and don’t work for most weddings. The single most important question to ask your photographer is what type of coverage or times are included in what you are paying. We recommend a minimum of 8 hours of coverage for any traditional wedding ceremony and reception however try to find someone who will cover at least all the important aspects of your day.

4. Delivery and Timing
So your wedding is over, and your back from your honeymoon. How long should it take to edit pictures and get them back to you? In an 8 hour coverage day your photographer will probably take at least 1000 photos. It takes time to go through, sort, and refine the photos that should be edited and then edit 15-30% of those for final delivery. On average it takes 1.5 times the amount of coverage time to sort and edit that many pictures as it took to take them. On average a photographer may be able to give you a sneak peek in 2 to 4 weeks with a full portfolio delivered in 12 weeks or less. Just as important though is how do they deliver them? What is the platform, and how long do they retain your pictures are just as important though.

5. Release
What is a release and why do you need one? A release whether a social media release, digital release, or print release is a legal document granting you certain rights to your photographs. Why do you need rights if you are buying the photography service? Weirdly enough – you don’t own your pictures. They are owned by your photographer and they license them to you. So by far the most important question to ask your photographer is what license am I granted by using your service? Suddenly a $500.00 wedding photographer doesn’t seem such a bargain when you find out you can only buy prints from them directly at a tremendous cost above and beyond your initial service fee.

So how does PPE handle these things?

1. Style
We are unique from many independent photography companies because we employee many different photographers with varying styles. Based on the style you want we are able to assign a staff photographer based on your wanted style.

2. Hunger Strikes
We do ask to be included in a meal count. We will bring ourselves snacks though to get us through the day!

3. Put In A Box
We offer several packages. Many of which have unlimited time within reason. If it takes 7 hours or 9 hours to adequaetly cover your event we will make sure you are covered. You shouldn’t be nickle and dimed over hourly fees. We do offer a timed mini package though for small and intimate weddings!

4. Delivery and Timing
Sneak peek in 10 days or less, and full album in 4 weeks or less in most circumstances. We work around the clock and don’t cut any corners. We pride ourselves on our speed – and can meet these deadlines 90% of the year.

5. Release
Like all other U.S. photographers we also retain the ownership rights to all the photographs we take however all paid wedding photography sessions include all social, print, and digital rights for personal, and non commercial use INCLUDED in your service fee. We do not force you to order prints through our company and give you the choice.

Learn more about our photography packages here

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